"Snolaballs" have Snowballed! 100 and counting

The "Snolaball" was inspired by the love affair we all have with the New Orleans Snowball. Since their inception (the"Snolaball" not actual snowballs which have been around forever) in the Summer of 2010, I have managed to create over 100 of these pieces to meet public demand. (Very exciting). It has been fun creating all the different designs. I know they are quite a few city wide and some have gone to a variety of cities around the country, which carry with them fond memories and hometown nostalgia.  I am winding down production and have a few orders to fill and since I was so busy, the summer just flew by.  (My daughter starts school next week!) Many, many thanks to all of you who purchased a "Snolaball"and hope you enjoy it always.  The seasons will be changing and so will the pieces I will be working on.  Before I become obsessed with a new design and become a hermit, I think I will go out and have some fun!   Dirty Linen night is this weekend. Maybe I will see you there. http://www.neworleansonline.com/neworleans/festivals/artfestivals/dirtylinen.html

Sandi (center) Terrie (right) picking up their surprise "Snolaball" for Sandi's birthday.
I was informed that I was in the presence of New Orleans Snowball royalty! 

My beautiful & talented artist's assistant Remy (my daughter) busy at work.
Couldn't have finished all the orders without all her hard work.
First ones created in the summer of 2010 I was excited to sell 6!
Wow, who knew what was to come. 

Some of the last created this Summer. 103 to date!
Its fun coming up with new cup designs and color combos!
Can't wait until next summer.


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