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Sno-ball Season has begun...

Sno-balls or Snowballs, however you like to spell it, are always a welcome symbol of Summer.   This year they were even more welcome, bringing some much needed cheer. Right after finishing my Mardi Gras commissions and planning a break, my Father passed away.  The loss of a parent is pretty hard hitting and processing all of the emotions can be overwhelming.   I thought, ok I will start working on some art pieces
and this will make me feel better. Then a friend informed me to check my website.  Already miserable from the loss, now I had to deal with the violation of having my website and computer contaminated with malicious content. "HACKED"😧 Ultimately I had to delete everything.  It took a long time and many hours which lead to weeks to weed out all the infected files.  On the upside, I was so consumed with this issue, my grieving process was tempered by trying to survive this assault.  Also I learned a lot about how vulnerable we are and how easily people can gain acces…

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