Sno-ball Season has begun...

Recently completed for Gay for Mother's Day.  First one with the addition of a spoon!

Sno-balls or Snowballs, however you like to spell it, are always a welcome symbol of Summer.   This year they were even more welcome, bringing some much needed cheer. Right after finishing my Mardi Gras commissions and planning a break, my Father passed away.  The loss of a parent is pretty hard hitting and processing all of the emotions can be overwhelming.  
I thought, ok I will start working on some art pieces
and this will make me feel better.
Then a friend informed me to check my website.  Already miserable from the loss, now I had to deal with the violation of having my website and computer contaminated with malicious content. "HACKED"😧
Ultimately I had to delete everything.  It took a long time and many hours which lead to weeks to weed out all the infected files.  On the upside, I was so consumed with this issue, my grieving process was tempered by trying to survive this assault.  Also I learned a lot about how vulnerable we are and how easily people can gain access to your information and computer.   
It is important to keep software updated and current. I am sure I will still have much more to learn and now I have to create a new website.
I am currently working on it so I hope to have it up and running soon.

Under construction.  Lots of cardboard, tape and glue!

spoon snuggled in the "ice". 

I was happy to receive several emails inquiring about the Snowballs for this summer.   So I thought I should get busy.  Nothing more cheerful than the silhouette of this frosty, delicious treat expressed in bright colors and lots of glitter to put a smile on your face!  In the past I had to work on many pieces at one time and with the restriction of the client's specifications. But this year my first order was open to my creative experiment.  I was not a hundred percent sure I could fabricate a spoon to scale to go with my existing design.  It did take several attempts to get it just right.  I still like the original straw only design but I was discussing the process  and colors with a client and asked if she would be willing to take a chance on a new component.  The spoon.  I did have to alter some of the dimensions but I think it looks great! She was very pleased with the results.

Recently completed for the IPNO silent auction on June 3 gala fundraiser!

If you are interested in a Snowball for your door as pictured below. 
contact me for more info. Or leave me a comment. 
 Also I hope to create some for my ETSY shop. 

Also thanks to all of you who are in the "Snowball" or "Snolaball" club!  
Hope you are still enjoying your pieces and have a great Summer!

How it looks on a door!
Kellie's Door! 👍
Pam's Door! How the Snoball looks on a door! 


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