"Awtsy" Mother's Day at NOMA !

Had a great and "awtsy' Mother's Day with my babies Chase and Remy!

 We had a great time at  NOMA for Mother's Day!  The Thornton Dial show was a feast for the eyes. It was a fabulous all ages experience. So I hope you got to see it.  Definitely children would have like it because his work is richly textural and colorful.  And some even have toys incorporated into some of the pieces and they might be tempted to touch. There was a piece I think was owned by Jane Fonda covered in Barbies.  Also there is a piece in the lobby area.  I don't recall the artist, but  Stevie Wonder is portrayed as  Jesus at the last supper with collaged food cut outs set out for the Apostles.  Awesome!   

After strolling the museum in some delicious  AC enjoying ourselves we decided to explore the sculpture garden.  We had fun discussing all the pieces and even rescuing a kinetic sculpture that was caught by a tree. We had a good time taking photos using the reflective properties of the untitled sculpture by Anish Kapoor.    The artist that created the piece "Cloud Gate" aka "The Bean" in Chicago.
Chase showing off of course.

Artist at work trying to figure out the right angles 

"Cloud Gate" in Chicago

My portrait jazzed up using an IPhone app.  
Remy made some new friends....they were very good listeners.
It was a memorable day at the museum and if you haven't already been to the Sculpture Garden check it out.  A really relaxing and fun time with family and friends. There is always something going
on.  Check events on NOMA website for upcoming events.



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